Prayer on my phone (04/21/17)

I almost always have my journal on me but occasionally I have to type memos on my phone instead. Since I want to post on this blog weekly this seems like appropriate jumping off point.

Lord Jesus that I would know the intricacy of your holy name.  Thank you Lord God for embedding yourself in our life. Thank you for protecting me with your righteous spirit, we beg for forgiveness.

We may not baptize ourselves in the name of ourselves at the altar of ourselves but He has sacrificed himself in declaration of victory over death through glorious eternal life.

That we will not be too proud of the lie that we use to refute your conquest, would that we know the fear of God alone and abhor the pride of life.

How might I reach populations whose tongues are smashed upon the inside of their mouths through hatred that their fellow man has leveled toward them, that Jesus the Christ, son of the living God, loves all mankind and advocates on our behalf before the creator of reality that so we might have life eternal.

How might I be a single suture to repair the severed tongues so they might cry out His worthy name. He knocks on the door of all hearts and all that might know the name of the saviour who requests our glad hearted obedience.